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Online Strategy

So you know you need a website. But what's that? You don't really understand what it can do for you, or what to do with on once you have it. I can help with that.

Web Development

If it goes online, I can build it. I've built out simple static sites and I've worked on 1000+ page beasts with complex CMS platforms, 3rd-party integrations and even dancing monkeys (really).

Landscaping and Small Engine Repair

Just kidding...

credo quia absurdum est

My Work

This is a mess... I know... Thing is, I usually do work that's less tangible than a picture can express. I'll get this together eventually.


This is the 2014 site - this site has been redesigned every year


Ariba's main corporate website


CARE USA's main site. It's been redesigned since I worked there

CARE National Conference

CARE annual conference. It's been redesigned since I worked on it

ECHOS Preschool


The Birthday Boys

Not so much a site as a walk down memory lane...

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